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Speech Pathology


At Speech Plus Speech Pathology we aim to improve the lives of children of all ages, by enabling them to communicate more effectively.  We create fun learning opportunities that engage children and stimulate development.

The name of the practice, Speech Plus Speech Pathology encapsulates our philosophy that speech sound articulation is just one aspect of communication.  As well as speech sounds, we assist children with stuttering, comprehension, spoken language, spelling, reading, written language, Key Word Sign, using symbols, Voice Output Communication Devices and Feeding.  Speech is just the beginning....


Live too far away? Social distancing? In isolation? 

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Father and daughter at computer
Kid Playing with Bubble

Speech Delay

We will assess  your child's speech and compare their development with the expected ages of acquisition for speech...

Boys Relaxing After Workout

Expressive Language

This is the subset of skills needed to form complete sentences, to convey messages in a meaningful and ... 

Teacher and Pupil


To assess and treat reading difficulties, we will look at phonological awareness skills, reading accuracy and ...

Little Music Fan

Auditory Processing

Auditory processing disorder can underlie language and literacy difficulties.  It can also cause many difficulties ...

Girl with Drawing

Speech Disorder

When your child's speech is very difficult to understand and doesn't seem to be following the normal sequence of ....

Boy Eating Breakfast


Otherwise knows as receptive language, this is the ability to understand what people say, including vocabulary, ...

In the Classroom


To assess and treat spelling, we will look at phonological awareness skills as well as use of consonants, vowels, ...

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


When children are unable to use speech to communicate effectively, they can supplement with other methods, such ...

Kids Stacking Blocks


Many children experience a period of developmental stuttering around the age of 3 and a half.  We will assess...

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

School Readiness

There are many speech and language skills that are needed in order to be ready to learn and participate at school. These ...

A Girl in a Classroom


Writing involves organisation of ideas into a structure, formulating complete sentences, using interesting vocabulary ...

Girls Talking

Social Skills

Some children have a different way of interacting with others.  Unfortunately, society's reluctance to accept this ...

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