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Occupational Therapy



Self-care skills include activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, sleep and rest.

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A Girl in a Classroom


Fine motor skills are needed for activities such as handwriting, cutting, doing up buttons and tying shoelaces.

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Boys with toys

Play Skills

Children of different ages engage in different types of play, as a learning and social tool.

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Managing Emotions

Children sometimes have difficulty understanding their emotions and don't pick up the clues that their body is giving them.

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Gross Motor

Gross motor skills encompass larger movements such as walking, running and jumping, and involve balance and coordination.

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Planting a Tree

Social Participation

We will help to improve friendships and social engagement for children who are wanting to improve their relationships with others.

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Snuggly Siblings

Sensory Regulation

Identifying which factors in the environment can over stimulate your child's senses, and which strategies can be used for calming and regulation.

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Child at Psychologist

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills involve areas such as planning, organisation, attention, initiation and time management.

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Functional Capacity Assessment

We are able to complete a comprehensive Functional Capacity Assessment.  These are sometimes requested by the NDIA.

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