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In the Classroom


To assess and treat spelling, we will look at phonological awareness skills as well as the use of consonants, vowels, consonant digraphs, blends and spelling rules.  The first step is a full assessment to establish which skills require support and then treatment focused specifically on those areas. 


For a younger child this might look like treatment on segmenting CVC words into their 3 sounds and then choosing the correct consonants and short vowels to spell those words, such as 'hat' and 'jet'.

In grade 3 it might mean learning the long vowel digraphs, such as ow and er, to spell words such as 'crown' and 'term'.  Later in primary years, children will learn to manipulate syllables in words and spell words with prefixes and suffixes such as 'adventure' and 'action'.

All of our treatment focuses on the sounds that are in the words and how the spelling rules use those sounds.

For more information about spelling, read this article on speech pathologists and literacy.

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