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Playing with Wooden Alphabets

School Readiness

There are many speech and language skills that are needed in order to be ready to learn and participate at school.  These are skills that speech pathologists work on every day.  These include:

  • Understanding basic concepts such as empty/full and same/different

  • Following 2-3 step directions

  • Answering questions such as 'what might happen next?' and 'where is the turtle?'

  • Formulating complete sentences orally

  • Using pronouns such as she/he and other word forms

  • Understanding and using a variety of vocabulary, including a range of nouns, verbs and adjectives

  • Having speech articulation that is clearly understood, with just a few sounds in error such as R and TH.

  • Having a knowledge of letters and sounds and being able to identify a range of these

  • Listening to a word and working out what the first sound is, e.g. knowing that ball starts with the "b" sound

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