Our Speech Pathologist
Kathy Bruno
Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Kathy has worked as a speech pathologist since 2000, after graduating from the University of QLD in 1999.  She worked for Education Qld in Cairns before commencing private practice in 2009.  Kathy thoroughly enjoys her work with children and loves seeing the improvements and the successes achieved by  students.  She is committed to working within best practice guidelines and maintains her skill-set by regularly attending conferences, workshops and ongoing professional development. 

Kathy works in all areas of speech pathology and enjoys the variety that the profession offers.  In addition to this, she has two special interest areas.  She loves the challenge of working with children who have complex speech sound disorders. It is incredible to be part of the journey from unintelligibility to normal speech.

Literacy is Kathy's second special interest area.  This is particularly relevant to speech pathology as children with speech disorders in their pre-school years are more likely to have literacy difficulties in their school years.  Often by the time parents are seeking help from a speech pathologist, children have already experienced successive failures and have low self-esteem.  To avoid this Kathy incorporates literacy strategies into her speech therapy for at-risk students and is involved in developing preventative programs for pre-schoolers.  She has also developed a series of literacy group programs for school-age children and works with students individually to improve their reading and spelling.​

Kathy recognises the importance of children enjoying the learning process, hence endeavours to create a positive learning environment for all children in both individual and group sessions.  


Kathy is married and has 3 beautiful school-age children who also keep her busy.  Being a mother has taught Kathy so much, which has enhanced her clinical practice enormously. 

Our Practice

Speech Plus Speech Pathology is a small speech pathology practice that aims to help improve the lives of children aged 3-12, by enabling them to communicate more effectively.  

The name of our practice, Speech Plus Speech Pathology encapsulates our philosophy of working with children with speech articulation delays and disorders, PLUS children with a wide array of communciation needs, such as stuttering, comprehension, expressive language, spelling and reading.


Latest Clinic News:

There are currently appointments available during school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

If you have concerns about your 3 and 4 year old children, book now for an initial assessment. 


Addressing your child's needs before they start school will enable a smoother transition to Prep.


Speech Plus Speech Pathology

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Child Speech, Language and Literacy Specialists
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