Literacy Groups: 

Will my child be assessed before the groups start?

Yes, all children have a detailed individual assessment to make sure that they are placed in the correct group. 

Will the lessons be individualised to my child's needs?


Yes, your child will be placed in the program that will suit his or  her level.  In addition to this, lessons can be modified to suit the individual needs of each student.


How will I know if the program is working? 

You will be updated on your child's progress throughout the program.  At the end of the 8 weeks a review assessment will be done which will clearly outline progress made so that you will know how beneficial it was.

How many students are in each group?

A minimum of 2 students are needed for groups to go ahead.  There will not be more than 3 students.


When will the programs run?

The programs run for 9 weeks each school term.   


Can I claim a rebate from my private health fund?


If you have extras cover that includes speech pathology, you can claim for the assessments.  Funds vary on how they process group session claims so you should contact your fund to check.   

School Readiness Groups:

My child can understand everything but he can't say certain sounds.  Will this program suit him?

No. The group programs target comprehension, speaking in sentences and early literacy skills, but not pronunciation of speech sounds.  Your child can be helped in individual speech therapy sessions.

Will you be teaching my child to read?

I will be teaching the skills that children need in order to learn how to read once they get to school.  This includes vocabulary, comprehension, letter and sound awareness and phonological awareness.  I will not be teaching word reading.

When will the program run?

The program follows school terms and runs for 9 weeks each term, for 1 hour.  Options are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, depending on availability.   

Do I need to book?

Yes.  You need to book and commit to one full 9 week program at a time.

Are the programs different each term or is it repeated?

Each program has different content so that students can attend for the whole year if they wish. Lessons build on from one another, however there is sufficient support and repetition so that students can begin during any term, provided there is space available.   

Will my  child be assessed before the program starts?

Yes.  Your child's oral language and phonological awareness skills will be assessed before the program begins.  This will ensure that the program is right for your child, will highlight specific areas that need attention and will provide a baseline to measure progress. 

How will I know if the program is working?


You will be updated with your child's progress throughout the term.   A formal  review assessment can be arranged after a suitable period.

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