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Mother Goose's Social Skills and Oral Language
For Children Aged 5-8
Using Music and Drama 
Featuring a Musical Play by Bad Wolf Press 
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This program is based on the musical play “Mother Goose’s Character Camp”.  It is a fun, short play that uses popular nursery rhymes to explore the following concepts:

  • Kindness

  • Perseverance/Resilience

  • Honesty

  • Apologising/Forgiving

  • Sharing/Fairness

  • Following Important Rules

  • Treating Others How You Wish To Be Treated


Children will learn about resilience from the Incy Wincy Spider and apologizing from Humpty Dumpty.  In addition, woven into the lessons are language tasks such as vocabulary, multiple meanings, naming and understanding emotions, sequencing and story-telling. 


During the play, children can sing and take roles such as Little Miss Muffet and her spider if they want to.  If they don’t want to, they can be part of the chorus on stage and move to the music when it plays.

There will be a maximum of 8 children. 


TBA - Will be planned if there is sufficient interest


Daily group lessons: Speech Plus Speech Pathology, Tenancy 2.6, 2 Chelsea Lane, Redlynch.

Performance:  Venue TBA


NDIS participants are able to use their plans to attend this program, if they have sufficient capacity building funds available.  We are NDIS Registered, so the program is open to participants who are self-funded, plan-managed and NDIA managed.


As the cost is dependent on the number of participants, the final cost will be advised once enrolments have been confirmed.  This is in line with the NDIS price guide. 


Children who do not have access to the NDIS are welcome to join us.  Prices will be the same as for those who do have NDIS funding.

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